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Nonmetallic Cable Support Systems for Manholes and Vaults

Underground Devices manufactures nonmetallic cable carrier, cable hangers and cable support holders in two distinct styles; adjustable arm and fixed arm. Underground Devices is the originator of both duct spacers and nonmetallic cable support hangers and cable holder systems. This site contains general information about all of the products and services that are offered as well as technical information about our products.

Heavy Duty
Cable Rack

Heavy Duty Nonmetallic Cable Rack

Our Heavy Duty Nonmetallic Cable Rack is the workhorse of our adjustable arm cable rack series. This cable rack is as strong as heavy duty steel cable racks, but it won't rust or corrode.

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BNT Cable Supports

BNT Nonmetallic Cable Supports

The BNT Nonmetallic Cable Supports are the latest entry in to the cable support product lines manufactured by Underground Devices.

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Multi-Mount Cable Support

Multi-Mount Cable Support Arm

The Multi-Mount Cable Support Arm is the newest addition to our nonmetallic cable rack family. It is an ideal cable rack for retrofit jobs.

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Saddle Rack

The Saddle Rack is ideal for training cable in manholes, tunnels and vaults. The Saddle Rack shares the same corrosion resistance as the Heavy Duty Rack and Multi-Mount Rack.

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Cable Sling

Cable Sling for temporary support of cables at jobsite.

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